It is a weird thing, but it isn’t very good to have them close an account

It is a weird thing, but it isn’t very good to have them close an account. Believe it or not, it is a strike against your credit score. Moreover, it is a strike when a creditor reviews your credit report to evaluate your dti ratio. I was shocked when I learned that ANY closed accounts was a no-no. It is actually better to make a very small charge ( say once every 6 months) and then pay it directly via a check when you get home or at least that week!

I would say, to write into the credit report agencies and request a statement be added to your file to support the closing of the Credit card. Just so the financial world knows that your an informed woman and you care about your credit report. Its a dispute..but not really It is more an addendum to the closing( on your behalf).

If you choose to close any account, rather than having the creditor close it, put an addition on your credit report that states “This account was closed at the customer’s request.” It means that it was your choice, not a negative action taken by a creditor.

Still, it is not good to close accounts, esp. long open ones. The age of your credit history is important too. If you go out and open an account for that day’s discount at a store, go home, pay it off and cancel the card right away, it is not a bad thing. Not smart to open a new credit card for 10% off of a purchase, just to charge it on a 26-30% interest store card, but that is a different discussion for another time.

That’s right it’s a blessing in disguise. THEY want you to keep using the card hoping you’ll max it out & owe them your life!!! Sometimes when you haven’t used a card in awhile they automatically close it. I’ve heard they do it because there’s no profit in an inactive credit card.

You won’t hurt your credit by consolidating. Just leave the accounts open if they aren’t already closed. (if you’re looking to keep your credit score as high as possible.)