Saved some money this weekend

I just wanted to share my exciting shopping find this weekend.

My story begins with the fact my family of 4 are currently living with my parents (since my DH broke his neck in an auto accident). He has since recovered and is now working FT. My parents are about to retire and they need to have foundation repaired to the house before they put it on the market this summer. So we need to move ASAP (renting). Well, we are moving to a 3/2/2 and have virtually no furniture.

Off of Craigslist I was able to find a colorful metal rod bunkbed for my 2 DD (5 & 7) for $80…in very good condition. Two twin mattresses for $10/each. And a 27in TV (about 2 yrs old) for $25 (we sold our 32in to have money to do most of our shopping. This Friday, our payday, we are picking up a pretty new futon for $45 and opting to “rent-to-own” a refridgerator (seems like no one rents out homes with fridges here in San Antonio anymore)…our biggest expense, but it is brand new and can’t come up with $300 or more for a “Craigslist” fridge.

We had dip into our clothing, entertainment, and eating out budget, but we didn’t feel it was quite an “emergency fund” type of emergency. Although we may have to dip into to get our utilities started (electricity, water, garbage). Its been about 3 years since we’ve had any of those services in our name.

Anyways, the point is I LOVE CRAIGSLIST!! There is no way we could make this move without this. And I have to admit, everything (as of yet) has been of very good quality.

BTW, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago (before we knew about having to move out) and my DH picked up a G3 IMAC for $115 for me. We are both graphic designers and do quite a bit of freelancing at home and have been avoiding “Macintosh or MAC” work because we only had a PC.

Once we get settled, its back to “Gizelle intensity” for us. Just wanted to share our good fortune.