I agree with you about Craigs list

I agree with you about Craigs list.

I have got several items free. One is an outdoor bistro set…..table with two chairs. It wasn’t in great condition, but a good scrubbing and new paint and it looks super.
I also got a lava lamp for free, two beautiful ferns, and a really neat 50’s style white standing metal cabinet . I bought new knobs for it and painted it and it looks so cool.
Got a free desk I stripped and painted black with a faux marble top.

I bought a solid wood coffee table on Craigs for $30.00. Went to Home Depot and got some user friendly stripper… meaning it is safe enough to even use indoors unlike some strippers who have dire warnings on the back. The coffee table is stained now and wax applied and I love it.

Also bought an Ethan Allen console for $35.00 and a tiffiany sytle lamp for 20.00. Also got two nice looking wing chairs for $50.00 each.

I furnished my basement with two free chairs from Craigs. Great condition. The woman who gave them away was clearing out her Moms home who had died and just wanted things gone . I also got a futon, rocking chair, coffee table and two lamps on Craigs all for $200.00.

It was quite a deal. It came from a couple with no kids or dogs and was in great condition. They were redoing their rec room and needed space for the new stuff.
Craigs list is one of my favorites. You can really find some deals and if you are fast enough, you can get free stuff!

www.freecycle.org is another place where people are getting rid of items for free, to save them from going in the landfill. There are sites all over Canada and the United States. I belong to several in my area and they have been instrumental in helping me furnish 3 different apartments for clients with schizophrenia. It is worth looking into as you can get clothing, toys and pretty much anything you can think of!