My favorite sections are the job listings

In short, Craigslist is the classified section of a newspaper posted online representing almost every city in the world. My favorite sections are the job listings (broken down into fields), for sale (garage sales broken down to types of products), real estate listings (rentals, homes for sale, vacation site for rent, etc), and the the community section (various classes, happenings, etc). This is only 2/3’s of it. Each of the sections I mentioned also has an area for people wanting things as well.

The For sale area represents mostly individuals selling products used/new/old but never used….and most you have to meet the personally and pay in case (recommended). But since listing an item and/or service is free, the cost of items and services are generally pretty low.

My Mom was saving for a $1500 living room set from a retail store and was lucky enough to find the exact same set “gently used” on Craigslist and picked it up for $850. Needless to say she is hooked. I’m still on a hunt for a side-by-side refrigerator, preferably with ice and water on the door and have seen some listed anywhere from $300-$500 for ones that would typically run $1000+.

I love the FREE portion of the For Sale section the most. If your quick enough, you can get anything from fire wood, appliances, clothing, etc for free…people just want to get things out of their homes.

Its also very nice if pictures are included, but of course not necessary.

Just pull up the website, find the closest city to you and start shopping for whatever it may be that you need. If you love bargains, you’ll be hooked!!!

it’s a great site where you can get good stuff cheap. Type into your browser, then click on what city is nearest you. Then you can choose from any & everything there. They even have a spot for FREE stuff.

Another website to bookmark is – I visit it every time I need cash when my payday is too far. They provide cash loans online. You can apply for up to $5000.

Craig’s list is an online yard sale! Well, a little more than that. They have everything you are looking for and some things you never knew you needed. It is set up so you select the site for your area and the broad category you are looking for – furniture, vehicles, kids stuff, freebies and even jobs and services. I use this site frequently – last yard sale, I had one person come to the sale specifically for the items I posted (with photos) and paid full asking price!

I also use FreeCycle alot. Both to give and get. Yesterday I picked up a rotisserie over (great condition, just what I needed) and had picked up a pressure cooker I haven’t used in years. Out with my junk, in with others!