I’ve been paying a small amount of money each month

Here’s the back ground to this story… I’ve been paying a small amount of money each month (for the past couple of years) through a collection agency for a credit card balance I have out standing.

The other week the agency phones me and tells my that I have been offered a certain amount to pay off in one shot if I can.

I check and see and report back stating that I can’t afford to pay off the amount but will bump up the amount I am currently paying.

The last conversation that I had with the agency they tell me that, that deal that they offered me was the only option I have an now its out of there hands and I may go to court.

Here’s the thing… why didn’t they mention this 6 months ago at least when I sent the last batch of checks that this may happen and that I will have to come up with a settlement?? Even in the conversation’s I had prior to this about the last deal he didn’t say anything that I absolutely had to pay this off in one shot.

At the moment I’m trying to put together the alloted amount. but will I be to late…

Question is, is there not another option… Can I not bump up the amount payed to the credit card or am I totally screwed.

can anyone share some light on this?