Bankruptcy can provide help

Hi all, I am a new member to this great blog. I went bankrupt last Wednesday and am now feeling so much better. I had 35k in debt as a result of an horrendous divorce and remarrying a short while after to a guy who has basically fleeced me.

I am a school teacher so luckily my bankruptcy will not affect my job – I ended up in council accommodation because of my new husband losing his house and us both being sick for 3 years through stress and worry over debts etc. (I have Crohn’s so it WAS genuine) We were told by Citizens advice go bankrupt but when you are on benefits you cannot afford to eat let alone save up £485 for the pleasure of sitting in front of the judge for five minutes.

We gave a solicitor power of attorney and he basically did nothing so it wasnt’ until I returned to work in 2014 I started having to track down all my debts – each one of them having been moved several times to different debt collectors it was a nightmare. So now I just deal with the Official Receiver and no more harrassment from creditors.

So bankruptcy for me was definitely the best thing. I earn £30k and still struggle to live as my husband is on a very small salary.

I live in the USA, but am curious about bankruptcy in your country. After filing do you get a lot of offers for credit? In the USA the predators are out in force offering credit to those who have filed. Of course one needs to read the fine print to see these are dreadful offers with very high fees and interest. Oh, but they try to make them look so good telling the person they will “help them re establish” their credit.